Apps have become the major gateway to reach billions of minds out there. A well-designed application holds the potential to accelerate the conversion rate by 200%.

Our Major Offerings

We understand that is highly essential to have a bunch of expert developers to meet the requirements of the variety of clientele. The Centre locus is the business where one can find the dedicated resources to make the app development projects a big success. The members of our team act as the virtual employees for your various projects which include the following.

What more do we consider?

We, at Centre locus, give special consideration to the procedure we follow to ensure worthy human resource assignments to your project. Therefore, we have made our process protocols quite rigorous to deliver confidence. We follow the SLIT strategy to weigh the project requirements.


No project launch is success without the full-proven testing and our team does not fail doing so. Rather this is part of our work flow and values to deliver only when we are satisfied with our work.


With this software we are able to track the desired changes in any file set. This allows us to coordinate work effectively amongst the programmers and develop desired source code. As a result we are able to provide speedy data integration and support for all workflows.


It is the crucial practice of detecting and removing bugs from the software code to avoid any malfunctioning and crashing of the interface. This additional service is certainly essential to find the correct measures for the right performance.

Version control systems

With this source control practice we are able to track, alter and manage all software code over time. We are proficient in working with local, centralized and distributed version control systems as well.