About Us

“We sow seeds and let you reap fruits.” Being your digital and consulting partners, we are the focal point for your digital formation and transformation.

What do we offer?

Our unique approach of staying centered with our work ethics and focused on our digital locus makes us a brand-named Centre locus. We are the potent and competent team of developers and marketers, to serve you with proficient digital and marketing capabilities. Since we leave no page unturned, no technology underutilized, and no market unexplored therefore the business horizon of our clients can never be challenged.

Listening to your business problems and processing them into sales by improving your digital diet is our major goal. With our major focus on metrics, we aim to generate traffic, leads, and ultimately overall sales for you in the extremely budgeted packages.

We strongly believe that our proficient technical practices fetch promising results for you. No matter where you start from, we ensure that where you reach must be noticeable and appreciable. We take pride to invite you on this collaborative growth voyage. “Feel confident to hold our promising digital hands.”

Web Development

Developing an interactive web interface for you is our major forte. We understand the value of silent yet impactful communication. Therefore, our websites are so designed to create room for effective communication and attract a better clientele base.

Design layout services

Our creative and skilled staff brings innovative ideas to your doorstep in the form of a website and application development. We consider UI, UX, and UXR design layout to serve you with the best.

App Development

The idea of having a customized application that facilitates smooth digital interaction can never go wrong with strong professional support. With our professional support, you can experience
the incorporation of all upgraded technologies.

Graphic Designing

The right graphics can actually upscale your business graph. Here, our designs are self-explanatory and offer effective delivery of ideas too. So, why not collaborate to experience upscaling together.

Digital Marketing Services

Digitally bridging the marketing gap is what the businesses are heading towards today. This cost-efficient marketing strategy is way more effective than the traditional marketing approach as it considers all essential aspects to attract organic traffic to your page.

Customized E-Commerce

Undoubtedly, the e-commerce business world is gaining huge momentum which certainly requires better expertise and innovation in the role. Hence, to make your e-commerce domain outshine we make it a technically prominent one.

On-demand Staffing

Our team is our pride and we feel happy to share this pride with our business partners. We provide room for convenient virtual employee environment to prevail across the globe. So, get in touch to pick the right staff for your digital requirements.


This loudest buzz in the IT sector certainly requires to be addressed in real-time. We are the potent agency to shape your digital interface in a decentralized and secure format considering your customized expectations.

Why Choose us?

  • Our easy-to-approach team is highly dependable and organized.
  • We see clients as our Partners towards collaborative growth.

  • We provide a seamless online process.

  • We assign respective relationship managers for our various clientele across the world.

  • We avoid the haste that results in waste but is certain to meet our deadlines.
  • Our every step towards your betterment is thoroughly analysed and examined to give you proven difference-making outcomes.

  • With business consulting as our passion, IT development as our forte, and Can-do as an attitude we ensure comfortable onboarding for your blossoming business journey.

93% Information Architecture
95% App Development
96% User Interface
99% Total Memory Usage