paid ad Marketing

Find the right targets, create a market, cultivate interest, and bring conversions. NO, our marketing cycle doesn’t end here.

What is Paid AD Marketing?

Find the right targets, create a market, cultivate interest, and bring conversions. NO, our marketing cycle doesn’t end here. All these steps are just the building blocks, what strengthens the structure is “Retargeting to sustain the existing clients.” Yes, we do focus on providing you the brand-loyal customers.

Join: Getting people to know you require contextually and visually appealing ads. We, at web capital, create such ads that excite the customers to foresee the benefits of using products. The more people can visualize benefits the more it provides benefits to you. The ads incorporate the key features and all the necessary information to make the customer knowledgeable and confident in your product.

Convert: The conversion being the ultimate aim has to be processed and structured with solution-oriented ads that make the customer believe that the product you are offering is what they are looking for. We ensure drawing your lead attention to profitable sales. With the strong homework being done by us on marketing you fetch your increased conversions.

Cultivate: We believe, little yet impactful steps are the key to penetrate the market for the long run. Marketing is majorly about cultivating the need for your product through confidence building. Therefore, it is basic to understand and keep a watch on how people react after visiting your website or page, what actions are performed, are they moving ahead or stepping back. This is what we do on your behalf to retain your potential clients. Engaging targets through discounts, rewards, loyalty programs, lenient subscriptions, vouchers, and such value offerings create the customer base.

Retarget: Losing the existing customers is the biggest loss of any business. Thus, the retention rate needs to be at its peak where customers become loyal to your brand. This requires continuous innovations and the introduction of updated marketing strategies which we frame for you.

Benefits of paid ad marketing

This is considered as the best way to generate more leads and create conversions. Yes, with paid ad marketing the brand awareness of the company increases which means that the company comes in the limelight. It would be wrong to say that paid ad marketing is way too complicated because it is just that the proper understanding of the algorithm is required to gain the progressive momentum and we expertise in the same.
  • It is flexible to everyone’s budget.

  • Add boost factor to the content.

  • Provide true market insights.

  • Customize the targeted reach.

  • Amplify your business ideas.

Types of paid ad marketing

There exist no specific ground to draw a line of distinction in any form of paid ad marketing, but there are certainly few types that are gaining huge popularity with their effective results.

Influencer marketing

This form of paid ad marketing is becoming popular in the recent time as it involves direct human factor. As a result, it creates better impact on the audience. This marketing takes place with several endorsements and product placement by the influencers, people and organizations that are known, valued and trusted in the industry.

Paid Social Media Marketing

In this form of paid ad marketing we display your advertisements or sponsored messages on popular social platforms by targeting the right audience. The influencer-generated content, display ads, PPC advertising are few ways we help you grow reach.

Paid Search Marketing

This is the powerful strategy to plan, execute and optimize the paid ad campaigns within the sponsored listing of the search engine. With the paid ad strategy we help you to reduce the risk of vague spending and create refined targeted campaign to help businesses attain desired goals.

Display Marketing

Here, we create advertisements on the graphical screens on the internet. Thus, it is often referred to as online marketing, internet marketing etc. The prime focus is to enhance the brand visibility and awareness with cost effective technique.