E-Commerce Website Development Service

With our effective E-Commerce Website Development strategies, we prolong a better marketplace for your goods and services.

This starts with the exploration and creation of suitable digital technology to adhere best to your business needs.

Along with the internet providing ease of trade, has also provoked the need for staying updated to the latest online trading norms to gain an edge over the competitors.

E-Commerce Website Development Service

What Technologies Do We Use to Serve Your E-Commerce Website Development Purpose?

The market has been flooded with numerous technologies and platforms which makes it dilemmatic for an individual to decide what suits the need, But not to worry, because our experienced and passionate team of developers do this homework for you, by using the best-suited technologies for the customized results. Hence, the technologies that we use at Centre locus are the prominent ones.

E-Commerce Website Development Service


It is an ideal e-commerce platform built on open-source technology for online merchants and is written in PHP. The platform provides a flexible shopping cart system with functionalities for powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog management too.

It offers various plug-in and themes which certainly enhances the customer’s experience and most excitingly holds the ability to scale, which allows stores with only a few products &needs to expand and excel with tens of thousands of products and that too without any change in the platform. Isn’t that excitingly sensible!

Additionally, it also supports more than 50 payment gateways which improve its acceptability and reach too. Yet its highly robust system requiring various complex configurations makes it extremely necessary to have expert developers to grab most of its utility and features.

We backed by our developers ensure a smooth sail for you in this e-commerce world where every step calls for standing out.


This platform has presently dominated all corners of the e-commerce industry with its full-length approach for primary store building attributes. It allows the creation of selling space and promotion of the products.

This technology complements every business size to realize their online business objectives. Its capacity to integrate the pre-existing site or social media pages with this site-builder is the top-tier highlight.

Here, the virtual store can be managed from any location and in any form (online or offline) adhering to its SaaS solution. The penny used for Shopify Website Development is never an expenditure it’s rather investment towards the gateway of expansion and growth.

E-Commerce Website Development Service
E-Commerce Website Development Service

Open Cart

This user-friendly and open-source e-commerce platform happens to be the oldest amongst all. It serves as the best alternative especially for the newbies to have an online platform for the business.

So, if you are the one looking for an initial online existence, here we are to provide you a better start towards the best future. The inbuilt extensions and themes in the platform can be optimized using certain coding adhering to the needs of the business and the industry.

The payment option is again not the limitation here as it is equipped to support more than 30 payment gateways. Being highly versatile to categorize products, sub-products, reviewing, and rewarding points, it has come up as an efficient and responsive platform.

Big Commerce

It is an all-in-one e-commerce platform comprising powerful tools in a single space. This pro-e-commerce platform has additional tools to provide effective inventory management, Search Engine Optimization, shipping integrations, accounts management, and news integration too.

The technology helps plan outlay for high-volume businesses and rapidly growing brands as well. There can never be a disappointing encounter with its design as it has plenty of templates that can be customized further to serve the needs of all types of businesses.

Big Commerce has also integrated the phenomenal number of gateways to support payments which sum up to approximately 60 with the additional feature of accepting offline payments and processing in multiple currencies.

It also encompasses integration with an email service provider, promoting business through various offers and coupons to enhance the customer base. This technology comes with several layered security aspects that attract the customer’s attention and help create goodwill for the business.

Inarguably this platform holds the strong ability to scale up your revenue by awarding a larger audience to the business. So, why just wait, let’s join hands and gear up to grow.

E-Commerce Website Development Service

Woo Commerce

It is the world’s most popular open-source e-commerce platform which is highly flexible and amplified by global communes. The enticing storefronts get created with a wide range of themes which helps enhance the brand. With the use of technology, each page can be fully customized to showcase digital and physical goods and their variations as well. It provides the wordpress SEO advantage which helps to reach top results in search engines. It configures and accepts payment through cards, mobiles, wallets, bank transfers, and more than 100 payment gateways too. The Woo platforms ease the order placing, shipping, and tracking procedures too.

Why do we believe E-Commerce Website Development is the need of an hour?

The gradual advancement of the World towards the digital option in every sector is the proven sign of increasing competition and a better scope of growth. But why is this happening so rapidly? Because with people getting busier expects everything to be easier and e-commerce serves the purpose as it:

  • Eases commercial activities.

  • Provides the larger marketplace.

  • Promotes your business.

  • Improves accessibility by ensuring availability.

  • Reduces the operational cost

  • Displays product design and information in a better way.

  • Drives brand management.

  • Provides an opportunity to focus on core competencies.

E-Commerce Marketing

Being an independent e-commerce agency, we believe, merely framing the strategy is not self-sufficient, what’s required next is channelizing the strategy towards better market creation. The concept gets life through our E-Commerce marketing process where promotional tactics are used to convert traffic into paying customers and then retaining them with post-sales benefits.

Through our integrated marketing approach, we help you win the race and maintain victory throughout. Cheers! Because we are here to market you through our digital marketing capabilities. Let’s see how we do it.